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Book of instructions on staff

Since January 2011, has been produced the Book of instructions on staff. The journal is intended for registration instructions and orders on staff. Cover is made of one-sided coated cardboard. Format – A4, binder – two staples, the number of sheets – 40. The block is made of offset paper weighing 65 g / m2, the unit has 2 holes 4 mm in diameter for the firmware thread

Firmware thread

Alphabet books, magazines, registers - Book cover - vinyl paper. Calm business colors. Its design is close to foreign analogues. It has a presentable appearance. - Hardcover books, made of thick cardboard that prevents the book from deforming. Binding is practical and durable. - Cover is embossed with gold foil. Such plating looks clearer than printing with the fifth metallic paint.2 Silk screen printing is printing with white paint specially formulated in Germany, which makes it possible to write with a ballpoint pen on it. - Silk-screen printing is applied on the end of the book, where indication of the date, number and year makes it easier to search for books. - The unit is made of offset paper 80 g / mІ, so the page is not translucent and do not give the impression on the subsequent pages. - Consecutive numbering pages in book clear, as affixed offset, which is an advantage compared with putting through pagination numbering boxes when some pages may not be numbered. - The book block has two holes 4 mm in diameter, drilled with automatic dual drill. Sewn with a solid thick thread, which has a stock under a seal, which makes it possible to open the book completely. - For convenience, the books have a ribbon (tape-tab).

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Register for notaries of the Republic of Kazakhstan

- Information in the registry is presented in two languages – Russian and Kazakh.
- Register is made in hardback, the cover is of embossed gold foil, and silkscreen “white windows” makes it possible to fill in with a ballpoint pen
- Book is made of offset paper 80 g / mІ
- Book has two holes 4 mm in diameter, drilled with an automatic dual drill. Sewn with a solid thick thread, which has a stock under a seal, which makes it possible to open the book completely.
- For convenience, the books have a ribbon (tape-tab)


1. Box with strings
2. Box Velcro
3. Box paperback with ties
4. Box "Econom"
5. Box archive


Folders with a pressing mechanism. Folders archive

Equipment for the relief printing

Russian tricolor for the firmware or stapling documents

Sprockets for legal documentation (star-stickers for notaries)

Red and white

Holograms to protect documents


* Approximate time of manufacturing products is 2–3 months


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